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American cultural experiences

Taking a trip around the United States is bucket list item for many travellers. Unfortunately, it is not possible for many people, bar those who are from the United States already. The planning and logistics of it are just a little to difficult. Luckily enough even a holiday there will give you a taste of true American culture if it is planned correctly, and you know what you would like to see and do. There are some things that seem to stand out as overtly American, such as eating a hotdog in New York or watching the Super Bowl with your family. If you managed do just some of these things you would get a little taste of American culture and see some of the sights. We’ve looked at a few things we think are truly American past times and events and where they take place so you can have an idea of some things to choose from when planning a trip to the United States.

See a sports game:

Be it Baseball, Basketball or American football, America really those love its sports and the culture surrounding them. Pre-gaming before a football game is a huge pass time in which you can mingle with the crowds long before the game starts, the Red Sox are an internationally known baseball team and basketball is played everywhere. Any major city you happen to visit will most definitely have a large team which you can go and see and if you happen to be there during off season, visiting their playing grounds is also a great way to see the importance of the games to Americans.

Visit an amusement park:

You are never too old to visit an amusement park. With so many to choose from throughout the US you will also not be in short supply. With rides to cater for young and old and entertainment throughout. Many parks have multi-day passes due to their huge size and what they have to offer everybody. You can visit the Orlando theme parks, which contain the famous six flags and most importantly Disneyland. Great for families and couples, if you really want to full experience you can stay in their accommodation, you might get lucky and find a deal otherwise make this a once off experience especially for those on a budget.

Eat some true American food:

Weird American food

Picture courtesy of the Food Network

What would America be without it’s food. Hotdogs and sliders are the norm at sports games but outside this you have a whole host of cuisines and styles, catering for every nationality in the world. You just need to find the one for you. If you are feeling adventurous many places have their own special challenges which you can try and take part in. Maybe you will become an all you can eat legend wherever you try and visit. Always ask the locals what they recommend so you can get some true American flavours.

Hopefully some of these cultural suggestions will spark some interest in you to try some new foods, sports and entertainment.

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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