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4 North American Hunting Trips to Take

There are many reasons that people enjoy hunting. For many hunters, not only is this a chance to put food on the table, it is also an opportunity to be out in nature. The challenge is also something that many enjoy. When planning a vacation, there are many places that hunters should check out. These places are full of natural beauty and offer a chance to hunt game that a hunter might not otherwise have access to. Of course, for any hunter planning a hunting trip in the United States, it is crucial to research the state and local hunting laws.

Alaska Moose

Moose are large animals full of delicious meat. They can be mean and require a careful hunt. For a person interested in hunting moose, a trip to Alaska can be a wonderful way to do that. Alaska is a beautiful state that can offer many adventures outside of hunting. Not only is a hunting trip to Alaska a wonderful time to get a moose, it is also a wonderful excuse to visit the Last Frontier. Be aware that a moose tag and license can cost around $960. An interested hunter should reach out to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Wyoming Plains Pronghorn

Wyoming is a state with plenty of public lands for hunters. For many people, it is a callback to the early days of the frontier, complete with rolling hills of sagebrush. The pronghorn is one of the fastest land mammals, and there are plenty of them in Wyoming. The Wyoming Fish and Game Department will have more information about their pronghorn season. These creatures provide a unique hunting challenge, due to the fact that they live on the plains. Additionally, Wyoming is a beautiful state that has plenty to explore.

Colorado Cougars

Colorado offers hunters a chance to hunt for mountain lions. These hunts are done with hounds, and the seasons can be longer than other hunting seasons. This is because the cougar population is doing very well. Colorado requires cat hunters to take an online course before they get a license, so a hunter needs to look into the regulations before planning a trip. Of course, Colorado is a beautiful state to visit.

Idaho Elk

Idaho is a state with no shortage of National Forests, state forests, and private land that has been added to Access Yes! This is a program where landowners open up their land to hunters and fishermen. Before hunting in Idaho, be sure to reach out to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. There are a wide variety of elk and many beautiful places to explore. Elk are more active at night, so consider a laser sight. If you are using an AR 15, the Ar 15 Laser Sight Buying Guide can be a wonderful resource to look into.

For people who love to hunt, there are a wide range of big game hunts available right here in North America. These hunts also take place in some of the most beautiful locations on the continent. If a person is not interested in hunting, perhaps visiting Wyoming to see the pronghorns, not during hunting season, would be enjoyable? There are plenty of opportunities for adventure here!

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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