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10 Incredible and Unique Airbnbs in California

With the Fall rapidly approaching, that sweet California weather is starting to look mighty tempting – actually it is pretty tempting year round – so if you are looking to get a little California sunkissed, it maybe time head out West. However, if you are looking to make your trip/getaway/romantic excursion, a little bit more rememberable, skip the overpriced hotels and check out some of these incredible and unique Airbnbs in California. If you haven’t stayed in an Airbnb before, it is wondrous way to not only save money by living in locals rentals, but also a way to live like a local in unique settings on vacations. If you haven’t already tried Airbnb, you can score a free $40 credit on your stay here.

Tiny Tower Retreat  

unique california airbnbs

Carmel Valley is idyllic for getting away from the noise and crowds. Not only are there sweeping views of beautiful rolling hills, there’s near-perfect weather year around. This tiny tower retreat gives you privacy, quirkiness and instagram appeal. You will wake up feeling refreshed, and find yourself smiling as you peek out of your tiny tower retreat onto your temporary kingdom.

Eclectic Tile House

unique california airbnbs If there ever was a house with personality, this is it. Every nook and cranny is filled to the rim with whimsy, thoughtfulness and overwhelmingly beautiful tiles. These tiles were seemingly collected from all over the place, and chaotically crafted along all of the inner and outer walls. Between the shockingly colorful bathroom and the thought provoking decorations inside and out, you’ll find yourself wanting to explore every surface of this magical place. 

Vintage Trailer inside a Loft Space

unique california airbnbs

Staying in a vintage trailer is already unique enough, but what about if it’s inside a 6,000+ foot loft space? Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, this trailer serves as a bedroom while you immerse yourself in the awesome arts community. If you want to interact with the locals, simply walk out of the trailer and you’re surrounded by a communal living and work space, complete with bathrooms, kitchen, and a lovely outdoor area.

Off The Grid and In the Desert

unique california airbnb

Minimalism meets maximum potential in this stunning off-the-grid retreat in Pioneertown, California. This place is 100% off the grid, and depends on high desert sunlight soaking into the solar panels to provide energy and hot water for the entire house. To truly appreciate the aesthetics of the house and the natural surroundings, this Airbnb has no internet or television, ensuring you are communing with nature in the best way possible.

A Nostalgic Treehouse

unique california airbnbs If you want to relive your childhood, this treehouse is the perfect place to do it. Located near San Francisco Bay, this gem is filled with cosy hideouts and antique finishings that bring about nostalgia. Complete with ladders, tree branches winding their way through the house, and cosy nooks for reading, this treehouse is perfect for your blossoming inner child.

Converted Warehouse of Wonder

unique california airbnb

Both quirky and industrial, this converted warehouse is an architectural wonder! Bringing out the best of the building with exposed brick, and pairing it with some exciting design details (would you look at that arrow themed floor?), this place is a growing icon in the Mission district of San Francisco. The catch? It’s only rented for events and parties and doesn’t have traditional overnight accommodations.

Gothic Rock n’ Roll Castle

unique airbnb california

Ready to get spooky? This gothic themed castle checks all the boxes for a haunted, exciting evening. With tons of Rock n’ Roll memorabilia, black-themed, well, everything, you and your friends are in the heart of history and creepy movie props if you decide to stay here. Even though this castle is within walking distance to Universal Studios, it may not be necessary since you’ll already feel like you are in a horror movie yourself. 

Strange Tropical Hideaway

unique airbnb california

In Topanga Canyon, you’ll find this tropical treat. From the wooded walkways, tropical vegetation, hidden tiki faces, and even a waterfall, you’ll be instantly transported to paradise. Add the firepit and outdoor seashell covered bathtub, you’ll melt your worries away and start adopting the island way of life.

Traditional Mongolian Yurt

unique california airbnbs

If you’re looking for a unique Airbnb, it doesn’t get more different than this genuine Mongolian yurt located in Colfax, CA. Carved and painted with beautiful traditional art, you will be transported to another culture and time. This place offers so much more too. Giant chess board for an afternoon of fun, onsite massages, and a hot tub and swimming pool for starters.This Mongolian yurt provides a unique and historical perspective and luxurious services to boot!

Dragonfly Kaleidoscope Dome

unique airbnbs in california

Right next to the famous Joshua Tree park, this glorious dome is filled with color and magic. Glamping at it’s finest, you can see the stars at night through the triangle sky lights that complement this lovely desert escape. Surrounded by trails and stunning boulders, find yourself becoming one with universe and get a good night’s sleep in this unconventional colorful home.


As you can see from above, there are some truly spectacular and unique California Airbnbs out there, that are surprisingly reasonable in price. If you are coming to California, definitively check out Airbnb as a hotel alternative if you want to try a more local experience. If you haven’t used Airbnb yet, you can get a free $40 credit to get you started here. Enjoy the California goodness and if you’re planning to see more of the states don’t forget to check out our guide to the best Airbnbs in Seattle.

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