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What To Visit During Chengdu Tours

Chengdu is capital of Sichuan Province, and it is home to several million people, but it is also home to several hundred giant panda bears.

Chengdu is known for the three Panda bears research bases but is also known for its spicy food, Giant Buddha and a few more attractive places and attractions for the tourists.

If you are looking for Chengdu tours across travel agencies from China, you will surely come across many great offers that you will definitely book a trip to one of them.

Chengdu tours can be like one-day visits to specific locations or multi-day Chengdu tours that will include the most exciting places to visit.

Chengdu tours around the city 

One day is enough to have full experience in Chengdu with all its beauty and history and architecture. If your hotel or accommodation is located in the city, you can visit some local restaurants and bars and meet local people in the evening. Please do not walk alone, be with your group companions, it’s more save for you not to get lost. 

Chengdu tours that offer offers to visit the city of Chengdu most often in its offer include a visit to:

Jinli Old Street- is a street where you can find a variety of souvenirs that you can buy, handmade items, you can see live folk shows and very delicious local food.

People’s Park is a place where while you are in the city you will not have such a feeling, on the contrary, you will have a sense of calm and relaxation. In the park, there are restaurants with delicious food, and in the park, you can see a folk show.

Qingyang Palace or known as well Qing Yang Gong is the most famous Taoist Temples in China. What is very attractive to tourists in this temple is sculptures made of wood, but also sculptures made of stone.

One day is quite enough to visit these three locations in Chengdu.

The next day is reserved for a visit to fluffy, lazy panda bears.

Visiting the Giant Pandas

None of the travel agencies in their offer for Chengdu tours excludes the visit to Giant panda bears. And who is he who would not want to be so close to the panda?

In Chengdu and the surrounding area, there are three centers (parks) where panda bears can be visited.

Depending on the Chengdu tours that the agency offers as a package, one of the parks can be visited in one day.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is one of the oldest parks who started work in the 1980s, the primary goal is to save the disappearance of the pandas and to treat the sick pandas found in the wild. You can visit the bears in the morning when the bears are having their breakfast, and that is the day when they are most playful.

Bifengxia Panda Base is the newest panda park but with the highest number of pandas. Bifengxia Base is located in Bifenxia Town which is 2 hours’ car driving away from Chengdu. The park itself is full of waterfalls and trees, and there is such great feeling that you are in the woods surrounded by Giant Panda bears.

Dujiangyan (Wolong) Panda Base is the smallest of previous two, but it is that kind of park that allows volunteering in the base. So if you are a panda lover, this is an excellent opportunity to be so close with these cute animals. There is no need for specialised training for the volunteer, all you need is love for the job and for the pandas.

Visiting the Leshan Giant Buddha in Chengdu tours

If you want to see the highest Buddha statue in the world than you should find the tour that includes visiting the Giant Buddha. The statue is carved out of the cliff and surrounded by three rivers. Do not miss the tour to Giant Buddha, it’s a beautiful place to give you peace and tranquillity in your heart, even though you are not part of that religion. Anyway, you must keep in mind that there may be many visitors and you can wait more than an hour to see the statue.

Other activities included in Chengdu tours

While you are on your Chengdu tour, you should visit the Sichuan opera house and its dramatic shows. It is so beautiful to see those mask changing shows combined with fire splitting and rolling lights. The performances start in the evening, and it is an excellent part of the day after visiting some of the tourist attractions to enjoy in the show.

In all Chengdu, tours are included lunch and dinner at the restaurants. Try the excellent local cuisine, have really delicious specialities. Try also street food which is also very tasty. 

Choose the Chengdu tour where includes visiting the Anshun Bridge.  Visit the bridge at night, because there is a fantastic view of the Jin River. Close to the bridge, there are restaurants where you can have your dinner. 

Chengdu Tours can also provide you with a visit to Emei Mountain which is one of the four sacred Buddhist Mountains in China. If your tour is customised visiting Emei Mountain early in the morning, and if the weather allows, you will be able to see the most beautiful sunrise that you ever have seen.  

Sichuan Province has many beautiful places that can be seen, and attractions that are worth a visit. The surrounding area of Chengdu is also a fascination with beautiful nature, but also with beautiful places that stand out from the rest of the world. 

The Chengdu tours which are offered by travel agencies all the same to one another, but with one goal: to give you an unusual beauty and make you a journey that you will remember for a long time. 

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