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What to Do with Photos from Last Year’s Family Vacation

From summer road trips to beautiful cruises, Americans love to travel. In 2018, 100 million Americans reported plans to go on a family vacation. And if there’s one thing mom doesn’t forget to pack, it’s the digital camera.

Capturing perfect family moments on camera creates long-lasting memories. But what should you do with the photos when the trip is over, and you’ve returned to reality?

Let’s explore what to do with photos after the vacation ends.

Create a New Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook cover photos are large pictures on top of your profile. Cover photos are public, so anyone can see them. Cover photos have larger dimensions compared to profile pictures, making them perfect for showcasing a great family photo. 

Cropping your vacation picture to the right size for Facebook can be tricky. Use this tool to make gorgeous Facebook cover photos from your family vacation pictures.

Put Together a Scrapbook

When it comes to vacation picture ideas, scrapbooking is always a winner. Go through your family’s vacation photos and print your favorites. Then turn the photos into a family scrapbook.

In addition to being a fun and creative way to utilize family photos, scrapbooking is good for your health. It lowers stress, increases relaxation, gives your brain a workout, and keeps your heart healthy. Your finalized masterpiece can be shared with friends and family members, making it an excellent social mechanism.

Convert Vacation Photos Into Greeting Cards

If you’re wondering what to do with pictures from your last family adventure, consider creating greeting cards.

Turn a photo of your family soaking up the sun into your next holiday card. Or use the photo to create a custom postcard for Grandma. Various photo tools allow you to transform your family vacation portrait into an amazing greeting card.

Fill in a Map-Shaped Photo Frame

After a family vacation, you can print your favorite photos and place them in a travel photo frame. But if you want to get creative, go a step further with a map-shaped photo frame.

Map-shaped photo frames or boards come with state-shaped cutouts as templates for fitting your photos. You can fill out an entire frame of the United States as your family uses photos to mark the places you’ve traveled.

A map-shaped photo board is a great way to showcase your adventures around the nation. It will also encourage you to keep traveling so you can finish your project.

Turn Them Into a Puzzle

One of the most creative things to do with photos is to turn them into a family puzzle.

Puzzles power your brain. Solving puzzles improves memory, enhances problem-solving skills, and helps visual-spatial reasoning. Researchers have concluded that adults can boost their IQ levels by four points by spending 25 minutes a day solving puzzles.

Photo studios, like the ones located in Target and Walgreens, have custom puzzle-creating tools. Upload your favorite family vacation photo, and soon you will have a custom 252-piece custom puzzle.

What to Do With Photos and More Post-Travel Tips

If you’re wondering what to do with photos you’ve taken during a family vacation, the possibilities are endless. From map boards to scrapbooking, choose a way to preserve your family’s memories so you can always revisit past good times.

If you’re looking for more travel tips and tricks, visit our website.

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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