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What Is Biotin And How Could It Be Affecting Your Hair?

When looking into the reason behind hair loss, it can be a whole number of different reasons, however some of the most common are either hereditary or lack of vitamins. Though some forms of hereditary hair loss can only be resolved by afro hair transplant Turkey procedures or other FUT hair transplant processes, there are some forms of hair loss that can be resolved with medication or supplements. In this article, we will be looking into Biotin and its relationship with your hair. 

Biotin And Its Link To Healthy Hair 

Biotin is a B vitamin that is recommended for the health of your hair and if there is not enough present in the body it can lead to the thinning of the hair over a prolonged period. Biotin is essential to the body and its ability to produce a form of keratin to keep the hair strong. IF you become deficient in this particular vitamin, this can lead to the hair becoming brittle and breaking much more easily. 

Can It Cause Major Hair Loss? 

If left for a prolonged period, this can cause dramatic hair loss and may require a surgical alternative to help restore the hairline to its former glory. With a number of hair transplant procedures out there for all hair types including afro hair transplant turkey options, hair loss can be resolved with ease allowing you to feel confident all year round as your new hair continues to grow. 

However, if you are experiencing the early signs of hair loss then using supplements or some form of medication, may be better suited to boost the biotin in the system and help to strengthen and stimulate the growth of your hair. 

Biotin Supplements 

If you find yourself deficient in biotin then your intake may be below the recommended intake of 30mcg. At this point, it may then be beneficial to either change your diet to incorporate more biotin enriched foods or to take biotin enriched supplements to aid in hair growth. Though this does not work for everyone, this can help to strengthen the hair and maintain a healthy level of strength without the use of harsh chemicals, thus helping to ensure the scalp is nourished and does not become irritated over time. 

Can Changing Your Diet Help? 

If you are taking supplements but are not seeing any changes to the hair, then it may be beneficial to make changes to your diet to eat more biotin enriched foods. Whether this is implementing egg yolk, oats or white mushrooms, these can all help to strengthen the hair and help to maintain the strength that is needed. In addition to increasing the biotin present in the body, changing up the diet can also add other vitamins and minerals into the body that aids overall health for both overall wellbeing as well as your hair and nails. 

Whether you are struggling with hair loss now, or you are looking into the options you could have available to you in the future, an increase in the daily intake of biotin can help to boost your hair growth and leave you looking and feeling great. 

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