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Travelling to Paris, tips by experts

I always love when I have the chance to share anything new with all of you! So, evidently, I always cherish every opportunity that I’ve got to absorb new interesting informations so that I can share it with you. Recently, I’ve got to talk with my friends at INSIDR, and they have a lot lot lot more stuff to share! If you are not familir yet with INSIDR, they are a friendly start-up based in Paris whose objective is to make our travel experience in Europe being the best one. I compile some of the best ones for you right here!

My first stop is Paris. There are a lot of various information about Paris, from the most practical ones like accommodation and transportation in Paris, to some specific and uncommon information like hidden cocktail bars that you can find around town. The outdoor food markets are also worth the visit. You can get the authentic French experience and get the local experience here. Not only in Amsterdam, the Red Light District in Paris is also a notable place that you should see. When it comes to food, of course, France is well-known for this. All the best pastries and sweets like macarons, you can find all the best ones in Paris. But not only pastries and typical French foods, you can also find amazing street food in Paris.

As the capital of fashion in the world, you just have to go around the city and do some shopping. Read this article full of practical information about shopping in Paris. INSIDR also has several shopping hacks in Paris that you can do to make your shopping experience better and easier. If you are looking for local brands or small boutiques, go around Le Marais and find a lot of great shops there. Shopping for a vintage stuff is also something you can do in Paris. Get this recommendation of best French brand beauty products and see where’s the best place to buy them. For a full shopping experience in Paris, download the complete shopping guide in Paris from INSIDR.

After spending several days in Paris, why not go a little up to the north to Normandy? Of course, you know about the D-Day and how the Allied troops landed at the Normandy. Get a complete information to prepare your visit to the D-Day Beaches. More than the beaches itself, you can also visit several others historical sites, like The American Cemetery and Caen Memorial. Find out useful information about how to get to Normandy from Paris and how you can get around in Normandy. If you choose to drive by yourself, read first this article which contains all of the useful and practical information about driving in France and some recommendations of cheap car rentals in France.

Don’t miss to visit the most magnificent view that you can get here in Etretat. It has a very captivating landscape that you won’t regret to see. If you still have time, you can make a short trip to Giverny. You can visit Monet’s house and garden and also pay a visit to the Museum of Impressionism. You will need several days if you want to visit everything that Normandy has to offer. Make sure you didn’t miss anything and follow this ready-made itinerary by INSIDR for 2 days or 3 days trip in Normandy.

Another European destination in my list is Venice. If you are about to travel with your partner or your family, Venice should be up there on your list. With their beautiful Grand Canal and a lot of good restaurants with delicious foods, what not to love about Venice? Read this article about the recommended family-friendly hotel in Venice, and the choices of best locations to stay in Venice while you’re there. Also, make sure that you have seen the full list of the things that you have to do when you’re in Venice, like going for a gondola ride along the canal or visit the Museo Correr to discover the story behind Venice. And while you’re in Italy, of course, you couldn’t miss trying all the best gelato in town. If you have more time, you should go to the areas around Venice, like Murano, where you can see a lot of glass-blowing art, and Burano, that also famous with their locally made lace that could be an interesting souvenir to bring home!

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