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Staycation: How To Make The Most Of Your Vacation At Home

One idea that will allow you to have an enjoyable time and break, but where you won’t have to spend as much money is if you plan a ‘staycation.’ It’s a great opportunity to unwind and kick back without the added pressure and stress of leaving your hometown.

You may take pleasure in the peace and quiet that comes from you not having to travel far distances and deal with crowds of people at the airport. There are plenty of activities for you to do and sights to see if you take some time to sift through the wide variety of engaging options that exist around you right where you live.

Plan Ahead

While winging it is fun once in a while, you should also do a little planning even though you’re sticking around your home area. This planning includes researching your local accommodation options and having an idea of what you might want to do during your time off. Your staycation experience will be a lot more pleasant when you have a good idea of how you want to fill your days. This way you won’t find yourself becoming bored or worried about what’s on the agenda next.

Spend Time with Your Pet

You don’t need to fly to exotic locations to have the perfect vacation. Not traveling too far away from home is a good opportunity to participate in activities with your beloved pet. Go for hikes, find a pet-friendly hotel and visit local attractions where they’re allowed to roam around with you. Check your pet over well in advance to make sure they’re in good health before your staycation. Ailments such as hot spots on dogs should be taken care of right away if you want your time off to be stress-free and not have to deal with it while you’re off work.

Unplug from Work & Your Electronics

Your staycation is going to be a lot more enjoyable when you’re wise enough to unplug from work and your electronics on vacation. This is your chance to unwind and give your brain a rest from thinking and being connected all the time. Set aside time for relaxing activities such as swimming, reading and getting a massage. Leave your worries at the office and tell yourself you’ll attend to any responsibilities once you return from your break.

Make an Activities To-Do List

This is the perfect chance for you to tackle all of those hobbies and interests you never have time for when you’re busy living life and working. Make a to-do list that only includes fun and exciting activities such as playing tennis, shopping and going out to eat. Carry this list with you throughout your vacation and start checking off the items as you complete them to help you stay on track and follow through with what you set out to do.


Traveling doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful if you plan a staycation and take time to prepare in advance. Use these guidelines to help you get started in the right direction and give yourself a better chance at having a more enlightened experience. Most importantly, relax and be in the moment once your vacation rolls around because it’s likely to go fast.

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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