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Meals To Try In The Caribbean

Can one create a splendid cuisine with rice and an assortment of fruits? If there’s one region on this planet that has answered this question lividly, then it’s the Caribbean islands.

Each island has a culturally-influenced dish that represents a big part of their history. In truth, a diversity of ethnic heritages coupled with a plentiful supply of local produce is what has made the Caribbean a palate haven.

Here are some of the most exciting foods that visitors shouldn’t pass by the next time they plan a vacation in one of the serene regions of the Caribbean islands!

Pepperpot Stew

This is a hearty gravy blended with soft meat and packed with nutritious vegetables such as okra, eggplant, potatoes, and spinach. It also happens to be Antigua’s national dish. Though this might surprise many considering that the meal is served with fungi.

Similar to the beliefs of a majority of people in the West, each Antiguan believes that his or her mother’s preparation of Pepperpot is the most scrumptious around! Surprisingly, there are many variations of the Pepperpot just as there are many mothers out there!

Ideally, the original Pepperpot dates back to Africa as part of the traditions and foods that slaves brought to the Caribbean. Dishes with a somewhat similar appeal is the ‘souse’ in the Bahamas; which can also be found across other islands.

Pepperpot stew is sold in plenty in the Public Market in St John’s, Antigua’s main city.

Goat Stew

A popular Caribbean dish, Goat stew, or commonly known as ‘cabrito’ (goat) stew is the staple of the beautiful islands of Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire. These are the three neighboring islands located on the coast of Venezuela.

As a result of the arid climate of the region, goats have long been a beloved resource of nearly every family residing in the region and thus, a common source of livelihood.

The goats are the star attraction in nearly every curry in the market; include exotic stew dishes such as mannish water located in the Cayman Islands. The stew is normally served with a mixture of yams, spices, not to mention the scrumptious meats floating so elegantly in the curry.

To find out more about exotic places and their alluring staples, visit Caribbeansbest.Org.

Jerk Chicken

This is hands down Jamaica’s most famous dish. This finger-licking meal is grilled to perfection and consists of mouth-watering marinades. The dish can also be smoked over a fire.

The dish contains added subtle influences from areas spanning far and wide such as Portugal, Africa, and Latin America. You can smell the aromatic allspice consisting of hot peppers, garlic, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon from a mile away!

Of note is that much of the meat is given jerk treatment; with chicken being the most highly sought after meat on the menu. The locals prefer it because of its relatively low price and high availability.

That being said, Nyam ‘n’ Jam can commonly be found on Jamaica’s Montego Bay, with plenty of variations that complement the authentic surroundings of exotic Jamaica!

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