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How To Prevent Sun Damaged Hair When Travelling Abroad?

Caring for your hair can be difficult, especially as it can be quite temperamental. Not only are there common problems such as hair loss that can be as a result of sun damage, but there are also several other hair conditions that can be making it difficult to get your perfect hair. Though issues such as hair loss can be resolved by procedures such as a turkey hair transplant by Longevita, sun damage cannot be reversed as easily. Because of this, we are giving you an insight into how to prevent sun damaged hair when you are travelling, thus helping to keep your hair as healthy as possible. 

Create A Shield With Conditioner 

One of the best things you can do for your hair is condition regularly. This not only protects the hair from root to tip, but it also helps to ensure that you have the moisture that your hair needs. This also helps to create a shield around the lengths as well as the roots. By conditioning, you are creating a protective layer around the strands allowing for your hair to retain moisture whilst being exposed to the sun. 

Use Oil To Combat Frizz

If you have naturally frizzy hair, it may seem impossible to have a refined style during the hot weather. However, oil can be used to maintain any frizz and help to keep your hair looking shiny and great throughout the course of the day. This can be added to the hair during the drying process to further nourish the hair and help to maintain the level of frizz. With oils such as Amazon Oil, Argon oil and Moroccan oil you can have nourished hair with ease helping to maintain the frizz and keep your hair looking healthy no matter where you are during the day. 

Wear A Hat

If you tend to avoid additional oil due to greasy hair, then wearing a wide-brimmed hat is the perfect way to protect your hair from the sun. A wide-brimmed hat will not only help to protect the scalp, but it will also keep the sun from burning the scalp that could, therefore, lead to damage at the root. This is key as this can lead to the hair becoming damaged and brittle and begin to fall out. Though this is not always the case, wearing a hat is a sure-fire way to prevent this and keep the scalp healthy as you are travelling. 

SPF Spray 

The final way to care for your hair when travelling is using an SPF spray. Much the same as sun cream, this handy little spray will help to maintain the health of the hair and block out harmful UV rays. This is great for your hair as you still get the lightening effect without leading to additional damage as a result. This can be purchased from several cosmetic stores as well as supermarkets to help you keep your hair and skin as healthy as possible from the potential of sun damage. 

Whether you are jetting off for a summer holiday in a lovely warm location or you are just enjoying a summer barbeque at home with friends and family, you can keep your hair protected all summer long. Enjoy! 

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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