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How To Enjoy Your First Move With Your Family

Moving with family for the first time can be exhausting and a lot more chaotic. From paying attention to all your belongings and kids to preparing your new home, everything seems to be a challenging task. However, the process doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful. With new experiences and activities, all of you can take the stress out of the moving transition. 

Here’s how to enjoy your first relocation with your family.

1. Be optimistic

More than anything else, you shouldn’t let the sadness brought about by moving to overpower your family. Although you’re sad about leaving your current home, relocation is the perfect opportunity to start anew and make happy and memorable memories with your loved ones. Think about moving as an exciting journey by laughing, joking, and even singing. The more you stay optimistic and upbeat, the more fun your move will be for your family.

2. Allow your kids to pack

Another way of enjoying your first move is by letting your children pack their own stuff. By allowing them to be part of the packing process, they’ll more likely become positive about the relocation. Not only that but packing gives your family a chance to bond and create new memories going forward. For example, you can ask everyone to go through their things and pick one which has emotional significance. Then, tell the whole members of the family why and how it’s important to you. By this, all of you will not only have fun but also learn something special about one another.

3. Keep the music playing

Packing can be a tremendous job to take when moving. Hence, if you want to enjoy this huge aspect of relocating, start by keeping the music lively. Combine the family’s favorite songs and make a customized playlist. It can be anything as long as everybody loves it. With music that keeps playing, you’re making the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

4. Document the relocation

This can be an essential part of moving with family. As you’re relocating for the first time, documenting the entire process can be worthwhile. If you have older kids or teens, encourage them to record the move by using a variety of multimedia sources. For instance, writing diaries and journals and taking photos and videos will keep the family entertained. Imagine the happiness and excitement you’ll feel every time you reminisce your first moving experience.

5. Prepare great food

Food is something that can lift a person’s spirit. With great food, completing any tasks will not only be faster but also fun and exciting. When preparing for your upcoming family move, don’t forget to prepare the food that everybody can agree on during the big day. For example, you can buy a batch of fried chicken and make a picnic when it’s break time. Moreover, you can also buy some drinks and snacks for the family and the professional movers near me you’ve hired. By giving them food, they’ll not get tired quickly.

6. Plan a visit to your new place

Another way of enjoying your first family move is to plan a visit to your new town or city. That way, they can get to know more about your new environment. If possible, schedule a quick trip when there are events or festivals going on in the place. Doing so will add to the family’s enjoyment of the visit for the first time.

7. Hire a moving company

Again, moving can be a complicated undertaking, especially if you do this with the family. For instance, if you want to enjoy every stage of your move to or from New York City, working with moving companies NYC can really help. They can take care of all phases of your relocation, thus giving you and your family time to say goodbye to your home for many years.  

8. Organize a get-together the night before you move

Leaving a way of life you’ve had for many years is hard. However, you must understand that moving can also be the start of a new beginning. Instead of treating it as a sad situation, organize a goodbye party the night before the moving day and enjoy every minute you have with your loved ones. Invite your friends, neighbors, and colleagues, and spend a night filled with fun and great times.

9. Make the family’s first night in a new place special

Instead of tackling piles of boxes which are more stressful than the move itself, order some food like pizza and enjoy a camp out in the living room. This is one way of making your first night in your new home exciting.

Final Thoughts

Moving with family comes with lots of stress, but with the right attitude and professional help, the transition can be a fun experience. By following these tips, you can help your loved ones cope with sadness by making your first move more enjoyable and memorable. 

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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