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Find out the best packing tips you can use for travel

Do you love traveling but hate packing? This is a common problem among many travel fans. Packing for a trip can be challenging when you don’t have important hacks to simplify the task. When you have to travel as an entire family, bringing along everybody’s belongings can make packing difficult. You should always aim at packing lightly to reduce the burden of moving with belongings. Try out the following.

Get a light suitcase

Packing starts with the kind of bags you choose to use during traveling. Do not go for an expensive suitcase that may make you a target of thieves. Choose a modern one that is not too expensive or heavy. A light suitcase reduces the load and makes it easy to move around. Ensure that it is different from other suitcases that may be common with travelers to avoid confusion. You can place a name tag on your suitcase if you don’t get a unique one, but ensure that it is durable. 

Consider if you also need some extra bags or not. You can bring a suitcase and only one more bag for your trip. You don’t want too many belongings that weigh you down and make you incur a lot of additional costs. If you are changing planes, it is better to have just one big load so that some of your belongings don’t get lost in the process. 

Consider your activities and the destination

As you pack, you should consider what activities you may indulge in during your travel. Come up with a packing list that can guide you on what to carry.  For you to explore a city, you may need a fashionable wardrobe with some dresses. Bring along some active wear for hiking needs. Check the weather of the destination beforehand so that you can choose the appropriate clothes to carry. Remember that the weather changes and you should be specific in checking the dates when you will be in the destination. 

Scrutinize your wardrobe

When packing for travel, you should scrutinize your wardrobe to avoid packing items that you may not necessarily need. As you choose your clothes, try to divide them into half based on the most important ones. Do not pack clothes that can go for more than one week. Choose light clothes that you can wash and leave them out to dry within a few hours so that you don’t have to carry the entire wardrobe. For one bottom you select, pack two tops so that you can use them interchangeably. This will help you pack light. 

Be keen on shoes

Packing shoes can also be challenging since you may overdo it. To avoid this, get versatile shoes that you can match with different attire. For instance, one flat shoe can go with your fancy dresses and sneakers can match trousers for hiking purposes. You can also bring sandals if you will be hanging around the beach during the warm climate or boots if the weather is cold. 

Do not be tempted to pack more than three pairs. You can always buy an extra one in case of an emergency during the vacation. Ensure that you place a shower cap over your shoes so that they don’t make your clothes dirty. 

Try organizational tools

Packing hacks differ with individuals, but one of the best is the use of cubes. These allow you to compress your clothes and remain organized. You can also separate items such as your tops, bottoms, and undergarments. If you have a big family, get color cubes for different members so that you encourage your kids to remain organized during the trip.

Store your electronic accessories in lock bags for easy access. You can also use a transparent bag to store toiletries as well as makeup. This prevents them from leaking and allows you to view everything you require from one place.  If you have any fragile items such as a bottle of perfume, you can slip them into your socks. Ensure that heavy items go close to the wheels of your suitcase to allow even distribution of weight and increase stability. 

Roll clothing

Rolling clothes is a much more effective technique than folding them. It saves you space and prevents your clothes from developing wrinkles. It is also fun especially for the young ones who may not like folding clothes. You should also ensure that you pack clothes inside-out for them not to crease or get any stains.  You may not have an iron box during your journey, but your clothes can remain free from creasing. Stack the bras by placing them on top of one another so that they don’t occupy unnecessary space.

Ensure that your valuables are close

Use the extra bag you carry with you to store those items that should be close to you. For instance, during the flight, you may need the Kenya e-visa, your passport as well as motion sickness medication nearby. Having them close to you can prevent you from interrupting strangers in the plane to access your suitcase. Your camera should also be close so that the best scenes do not pass you by without your knowledge. 

Conduct a road test

Packing some days before the trip gives you enough time to conduct a road test. Move your suitcase in the house to try and determine if it is too bulky to roll down the stairs.  This helps you get rid of any extra weight before it is too late to do so. You can always eliminate items that you can get later such as a shampoo or a lotion. 

Get familiar with the weight limit as you prepare to travel.  You can also get a luggage scale before heading to the airport to weigh your luggage. Every airline puts some weight limit on luggage and charges an extra fee if you go beyond the limit. A luggage scale can help you know how close you are to getting to this limit. 

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Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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