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Cycling, Wine and Museum in Provence France Oh My!

France is known for three things that are cycling tours, wine and museums and there is no chance that it will change its identity even in 2017. But why these cycling holidays in France are so famous. You will get the best answer only by experiencing it by yourself. France is that part of the world that is home of Tour de France and this is because of the cycling trend that they follow.

Provence the best place in France

Whether you have a month, week or a long weekend in France, Provence can be the best option to go for. It offers something for every cyclist. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a beginner, traveling alone or with your kids, each region in Provence will provide you with plenty of options.

Along with the cycling holidays, you will experience the world best wine in Provence. France is home of some of the best red wines and it is because of its perfect climate that produces perfect grapes for the wine. Burgundy and Champagne are the two most famous wine producing regions in France. These two regions have made France a major wine exporting region and in your cycling tour you will have the chance to visit some of the fields that plays a vital role in the production of this famous red wine.

France produces more than 75 different wines and each has its own taste and dilemma. Even if you are not a wine love, a holiday to the Provence will make you to fall in love with the place and its wine.

Wine, culture and cycling

If wine is not enough for you to visit the Provence then you should be interested in historic places of France. Provence has some of the historic museums that attracts millions of people around the globe. The land is basically known as the heaven for artist and with the favorable exchange rates, 2017 is the perfect year to plan a cycling trip in France.

Although you can travel France with some other vehicles as well but cycling will take you close to the nature. If you are for looking for experience and not just a vacation then we will recommend you plan a cycling trip or add a weekend for cycling in your already planned trip. It has been a source of attraction for many tourists and there are many travel agencies that offers this type of walking holidays in Provence.

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