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Best way to explore Cancun during your next vacation

If for your next trip you decided that Cancun was the best way to enjoy all the time you have to travel during your vacation… you have really made a very excellent choice. Since this small paradise for the Mayan culture has many places that you will love to visit and that you really can’t miss besides the outdoor activities that I will tell you about next.

Some curious facts about Cancun

The original name of Cancun in Maya means Snake’s Nest since it is a city built on jungle, river, and mangrove, so you will understand the magnitude of snake species that inhabited the place at the time.

Cancun also has 22 kilometers of beaches, of which only nine are public, and the rest are off-limits because they are close to huge hotel complexes.

Cancun has the second largest airport in Mexico and is number one in receiving international tourism.

Cancun has two archeological zones in the interior of the city. These are located along the hotel zone.

Before you travel

From the moment you arrive, you will want to know a little more about the wonders this small and young city has in store for you.

Before you make your trip, I recommend that all your services such as Car Rental Cancun Airport, accommodation, and tourist sites that you are going to visit already booked if you plan to make your trip during the months of holidays and special festivities. At this time, you may end up losing your place if you do not ensure once you have the opportunity.

What to do in Cancun

Visit the hotel zone and get to know the best beaches in Cancun.

Within the hotel zone, you can do incredible activities such as swimming with dolphins and underwater excursions, where you can see the second-largest coral reef in the world after the Australian reef.

If you want to get out of the monotony and don’t want to know only the beaches, you can also visit in the afternoon the city center where you will find crafts to buy and take home after a beautiful trip to this beautiful Caribbean land.

Cancun is characterized by being a multicultural city ideal for anyone who ventures to know it. No matter what part of the city you visit, the people who live here will make you feel at home.

In Cancun, you will also love to visit the most exciting attractions, such as:

Visit the Ferris wheel outside Plaza la Isla

In this attraction, you will be able to see the hotel zone from the heights in an incredible place that will catch you completely, an ideal activity for first-time visitors in the city (although the locals love to visit this Ferris wheel).

If you like more daring emotions and are not afraid of heights, you can visit the scenic tower of Cancun.

For these two activities, we recommend you to get a Cancun Car Rental service. Your arrival will be much more practical and accessible.

Meet the aquariums and swim with dolphins

The most visited places by families in Cancun are undoubtedly the aquariums and dolphinariums, where you can have incredible experiences while getting to know about the life of thousands of marine animals and the conditions of their habitat so that you can become more familiar with this type of species.

One of the best-known aquariums is Aquarium de Plaza la Isla, as it has a huge fish tank on the outside of the site where you can look at different types of fish. However, The most exciting part is actually inside, where you can interact with sharks, fish, turtles, sea urchins, and swim with dolphins. (Which you can also see when you go around the aquarium on the outside as there is a giant glass that shows a piece of the giant pool in which the dolphins swim and do shows)

Meet the Archaeological Zones

Inside one of Cancun’s museums (Museo Maya de Cancun), you will find a small but incredible archaeological site where you can photograph and capture data to enjoy even after your trip.

At the exit of the Hotel Zone, you can also find the second best known archaeological site of Cancun known as El Rey, where you can learn a little more about the imposing Mayan culture. The advantage of visiting these two places is that both are very close to beaches and public areas where you can later hang out with your companions or just in case this is your type of trip.

Go shopping in the city

Cancun is the ideal place to go shopping. And the best, you can find it in the hotel zone plazas like Plaza Luxury avenue, Plaza Kukulcan, Plaza La Isla, and Puerto Cancun Marina Town center. All these plazas have different characteristics that you will love and from which you will have an impressive view of either the Caribbean Sea or the Nichupte lagoon (in the case of Plaza la Isla).

If you want to buy souvenirs, clothes and not very expensive things you can visit downtown where you can visit exciting places like Mercado 28, Mercado 23, Plaza outlet and Plaza las américas, which divides in two, Malecón, and interior.

Enjoy a Day-Pass at the resorts

The grand hotels in Cancun are incredible, and we assure you that you will not have a view of the sea as spectacular as in one of these places since most of them have protected areas that the inhabitants cannot pass unless they still buy a day-pass in one of these hotels.

If you want a more exciting adventure, you can visit the huge hotels located in the Riviera Maya such as Vidanta, Joya and Palace Resorts, these hotels are much bigger. They have live shows and performances during the day. In Joya, you can enjoy the impressive Cirque du Soleil

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