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An Itinerary – A 1-week trip to Sri Lanka

After Flying into the Colombo Airport, it was a quick and easy drive to the first destination we stayed in. Kandy is a beautiful Sri Lankan city which is around a 4-hour drive from Colombo.

Kandy is famous for many things, its scenic beauty, its central lake, tea plantations, sacred tooth temple, peace and quiet and more. If you want to get into the Sri Lankan Culture, this place is a great way to start your journey. A perfect place to learn about and explore the native culture.

Day 1:

Visited: Royal Botanical Gardens and Tea Plantations

The mountainous Kandy Province provides a breathtaking and serine overview, something that you may not want to miss. IF you want to find out the true beauty of the place, you may want to visit one of the local tea plantations.

Starting with a visit to loolecondera Estate and Tea Factory, we also had lunch on Taylor’s Hill in a boutique guesthouse in the soul of the estate.

We learned about the legendarily historical Ceylon tea, and the process it takes to make it, during our guided Loolecondera Tea Factory tour. Each step of the tea making process is unique and worth appreciating. From picking the leaves to testing the final product, there is a lot that goes into making your cup of morning tea.

The Botanical Gardens were another highlight and an absolute treat to behold. While the streets were filled with people and the bustling noise of the Tuk Tuks, roaming around the Royal Botanical gardens felt like a heaven and an absolute treat.

However, if you’re going there, you’ll often come across many school children; during my visit, there were close to a 100 of them! Other than that, there are monkeys which roam freely from tree to tree. There are many types of flowers, plants, and trees; it’s completely worth visiting.

Day 2: Exploring the City


Firstly, visit the central market, we saw shops selling colorful fruits, veggies and exotic spices along with the Ceylon tea. It was like a farmer’s market, and it felt friendly and homely.

We ended the day visiting the Sacred Tooth Temple, which is Kandy’s most-visited attraction. The temple is believed to be the home to Budha’s original teeth and it is considered a sacred relic.

Day 3: River Boat Ride and Galle

IF you want to see some of the ahungalla’s surrounding areas, the Madu Ganga River is a great way to do so. The River is a bunch of wide canals, mangrove waterways that is rumored to be infested with crocodiles. In the surrounding area, there are amazing birds, monkeys, snakes, reptiles and more.

The Galle Fort is an iconic, historically rich part of the area. The place overlooks the sea and has a beautifully lovely coastal site.

Day 4:

The Udawalawe National Park is one of Sri Lanka’s’ biggest tourism destinations. Full of elephants, it’s a wildlife sanctuary in a 30,821-hectare area. Home to the Water Buffalo, Monitor Lizards, Deer, Monkeys and even leopards.

It’s a destination to enjoy if you’re a photographer looking to capture wildlife in between natural scenic beauty. If you have already had Sri Lanka tour packages set, you should experience all major tourist locations yourself.


Day 5: Day at the Spa and Vianta by Taj

It’s all about getting some rest between all that fun. Day 5 was a spa day, a relaxing trip to the Vianta by Taj, a luxurious hotel which is known for its amazing spas and surroundings. Booking into the Jiva spa for a herbal facial. The spa was sheltered from the pouring rain, and the experience was pleasant.


Sri Lanka is perhaps one of the most diverse places for just about everything. Be it wildlife, be it, people, be it religions, be it food, be it spices, be it scenery and everything it between. It is a relaxing, adventurous place with big hotels, friendly people, tea (an amazing place to visit for the tea alone) and experiences.

Sri Lanka, for me, was a hospitable, friendly, cultured, mellow and gratifying experience that changed my view of the region completely. Truly an experience for city dwellers such as myself and a true experience for the mind, body, soul, and heart.

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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