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4 Incredible Hikes, Mountain Views and Must-See Nature Spots to See in Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is an absolute gem for out-of-towners, but perhaps doesn’t always make the proverbial “list” of top tourist spots in the country. However, this actually spells good news for those looking to check out the likes of Oregon and the rest of the nearby Cascadia region. Noted for its natural beauty, endless things to do outdoors and friendly locals, perhaps one of the best parts about visiting the state is that it isn’t crowded.

Plenty to see and room to roam, visiting Oregon is a far cry from bustling tourist destinations where you need to fight crowds, book years in advance and otherwise stress out about plans. As such, we’ve broken down four quick destinations in Oregon for out-of-towners who love the great outdoors. Some of these locations are a bit “under the radar” but represent some of the most peaceful places the Beaver State has to offer. Whether you’re renting an RV in Oregon to explore the state or are just looking for some spots to add to your itinerary, look no further!

Dee Wright Observatory

Easily one of the best viewing points of the Cascade Range, you can enjoy a serene view of Mount Jefferson, Black Butte, Mount Hood and a series of other peaks from well over 5,000 feet. As an added bonus, take a trek through the Lava River Trail that spans a half mile next to the observatory and offers an up-close view of the site’s formerly flowing black lava

Jonsrud Viewpoint

Offering a perfect photo op of Mount Hood and located right off of Highway 26, Jonsrud Viewpoint is a great pitstop for those looking to snag a quick snapshot. Parking is limited but being only a few minutes off the beat and path, it’s totally worth it to check out. That said, make sure to double-check weather conditions for fog in the area if you’re looking for an unobstructed shot.

Thor’s Well

If you’re looking to see the Pacific Ocean, make it a point to see Thor’s Well located near Cape Perpetua. As cited by many tourists, images of Thor’s Well don’t do it justice. In addition to the spouting water of the well, the rocks of Devil’s Churn and the Pacific tidal pools are worth seeing, too. A fun spot to explore, be mindful of high tide as well as the various rocks surrounding the area if you’re traveling with children. If you’re lucky, you might even get an opportunity to spot a whale or two off the coast or at the nearby visitor’s center.

Silver Falls State Park

Oregon’s majestic park system doesn’t disappoint, and Silver Falls is one of the crowned jewels of the entire state. Offering numerous hikes including those which take you directly behind the park’s breathtaking waterfalls, you can enjoy the 24-plus miles of trail at your own pace. Additionally, the park offers activities such as horseback riding and biking to boot.

Seriously, we could have listed a dozen spots to check out but these can at least get you started to see the most of Oregon’s natural beauty! Regardless of how hungry you are for adventure, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during their travels.


Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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