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4 Hidden Adventures You Can Take in Maui

Maui, the second largest island in Hawaii, has not been voted the best island in the U.S. for nothing. This little place of the world offers you extraordinary experiences everywhere you go, but sometimes the most famous activities are not as remarkable as some of the hidden adventures you could go on in Maui.

From exploring lava tunnels to swimming with sharks, Maui will blow your mind and give you the biggest rush of adrenaline of your life if you’re ready to face your fears to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Top 4 things to do in Maui:

1. Scuba Diving at Night

Everyone knows about scuba diving during the day. A mesmerizing experience surrounded by sea life and vibrant colors that make everyone fall in love with it. 

But did you know that scuba diving is one of the best things to do in Maui at night? Fish are actually more active, the ones that are hidden during the day come out while others look for a place to rest, and even though you can’t see as many colors as you would when the sun hits the water, all the different species of fish you’ll be able to contemplate will make up for it. Also, if you’re looking for an amazing hotel to stay at, check out Top Maui Hotels.

Lobsters, crabs, shrimps and other shelled animals come out to feed, and you’ll even get to see microscopic organisms that glow in the dark water. 

You need to be scuba certified for this, and if you’re not, don’t worry! You can get the certification in two or three days in Hawaii.  

2. Spelunking

Besides being a funny sounding word, spelunking is a hobby for people that like to explore caves. However, this is Maui, so caves become lava tubes. Yes, you read that right, and it’s actually safer than it sounds, you just have to avoid tiny spaces since you might get stuck. 

You only have to pay a small fee for this tour, and you’ll be given a torch to guide yourself through the safe part of the underground tube. You might find it a bit eerie once you’re going through it, but it will be worth it once you’re out. Imagine the look on people’s faces when you tell them you explored lava tubes in Maui! 

If you plan to do this, wear sneakers or boots since the floor might be wet or uneven, and you’ll want to be prepared. 

3. Free-Diving with Sharks

If the thought of sinking in the ocean in a shark cage gets your adrenaline pumping, imagine what it feels like to actually free-dive around sharks. Even if it’s indoors and in a controlled environment, this is still one of the most exciting things to do in Maui, nothing will ever beat this experience. You will be able to see up to five different species of sharks right in front of you and in your reach. 

Another cool feature of this dive is that your friends and family can see your entire adventure from the exhibit’s viewing area. Just take into account that you will need a reservation and scuba certification, so be prepared.

4. Snorkeling Tour with Sea Scooters

Imagine being pulled around the open sea by a giant fan. That’s pretty much the feeling you get when you’re flying through the water with a sea scooter at 2.5 MPH. 

You’ll start at the beach, where they’ll teach you how to use the scooter, and then you will be taken to a remote area to privately admire Maui’s octopus, eels, starfish, rays, turtles and more of its sea life. 

For this tour, you’ll need to have excellent swimming skills, and if you don’t, there are still plenty of basic snorkeling options to enjoy. 

5. Sunrise at Mt. Haleakala

And to add a little extra, we can’t miss the iconic sunrise at Haleakala. Yes, this one isn’t as unique and adrenaline-inducing as the previous four, but it wouldn’t be a proper list of the best things to do in Maui without it. You must experience it by yourself. It’s almost a tradition for tourists to get up at dawn to hike up the Haleakala and catch the beautiful sunrise. At the end of the day, this dormant volcano is not called the “House of the Sun” for nothing. Even if you’re not a morning person, you won’t regret it. 

Maui is a magical place where both risky and traditional tourist activities are equally amazing experiences. If you visit this island, you’ll find incredible opportunities to make the most out of your trip and go on adventures that will give you exciting stories to tell when you come back home. 

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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