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4 Best Tokyo Neighbourhoods for Shopping

Tokyo is made up of an array of neighbourhoods and districts. Each offers its own unique style and wonderful attractions, so it’s no wonder that Tokyo welcomes over 28 million visitors each year, as there truly is something for everyone. If you’re anything like us, then fantastic shopping opportunities are a big selling point for a city break. Well, Tokyo has a plethora of these, making the city a shopaholics dream. So, read on to discover the 4 best neighbourhoods for shopping in the brilliant city of Tokyo.


By opting for a Ginza hotel Tokyo, you will be in the perfect location for a spot of shopping during your visit. Famously known as the up-market fashion, dining and entertainment district, you will not be short of things to do in the beautiful area of Ginza. From the ultra-modern technologies displayed on Ginza Place, to the dazzling boutiques in the glitzy department stores, you will be sure to find something for you in this glamorous area of the city. Ginza is also home to some of the most fabulous cocktail and sushi bars in Tokyo, so you can dine in style. 


To experience the vibrant, ultra-cool styles of Kawaii and Lolita, look no further than the neighbourhood of Harajuku. In the heart of Shibuya is this shopping mecca, where 100’s of boutiques welcomes you to explore the marvellous and unique designs that the unique and incredibly iconic fashion of Harajuku is known for. This is also a great place to people watch, enjoy some lunch in one of the super stylish restaurants or even go out for a night on the town after buying some fantastic new items for your wardrobe. The atmosphere of this area is extraordinary, and if the locals like what you’re wearing, expect to be asked to stop for pictures! 


For traditional, laid back small shops in a historical setting, look no further than Asakusa. Easily reached from your Ginza Hotel Tokyo, Asakusa is home to the famous temple, Senso-Ji. Historically, this neighbourhood was known as the “pleasure quarters” of Tokyo, home to a plethora of Geisha Houses, with some of the original building still standing to this day. Today, the temple is surrounded by small shops that promise to delight all visitors. From mouth-watering scents from the street food vendors to quality, unique garments, Asakusa’s shopping streets offer hours of exploration. 


Many of the neighbourhoods of Japan offer a specific style of shop for visitors. Akihabara, by contrast, provides a massive array of different kinds of shops, all varying in size and prices, in a bustling, vibrant area. After exploring the charming streets surrounding your Ginza Hotel Tokyo, grab a taxi and head for this buzzing neighbourhood. This is a fantastic way to experience the plethora of opportunity that Japanese shopping offers, and why Tokyo truly is the ultimate destination for shopaholics. 

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