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What to consider when buying a new pair of glasses abroad

If you lose or damage your glasses abroad then it can be devastating. Your glasses are important – you want to see your surroundings with clarity and have the best possible experience. It is also important to protect your eyes from having to strain which can lead to further degeneration of your vision. However, you may not be able to go to your usual place to buy a new pair. Luckily, there are some great options to buy new glasses online.
Furthermore, this is a great opportunity for you to choose a new pair of glasses. A pair that is perfectly suited to your traveler lifestyle. Here are some tips for choosing glasses online.


The first thing you may want to think about is style. You need a pair of glasses that you are happy to wear. Consider your face shape and complexion. It can be difficult to imagine what glasses will look like on you when you are choosing them online but some websites, such as EyeBuyDirect, offer a feature where you can upload an image of your face to try on your potential new glasses virtually – check out their Ray Ban glasses here.


When traveling you need your glasses to be strong. You may need to hike or cycle in them. They also need to withstand sun, rain, and wind. Metal or wooden glasses are good choices or thicker frames. You should also keep your glasses protected by keeping them in a case when you are not wearing them.

UV protection

You should always protect your eyes from the sun. You may not be used to strong sunlight and your eyes are not adapted to it. The strong sun can heighten your risk of eye cancer or cataracts. You may want to consider investing in some prescription sunglasses.

Another option is transition lenses. They will always adapt to the amount of light and will keep you protected. This may be especially helpful when hiking or walking through cities as they will change as you receive shade from trees or buildings. This will stop you from having to constantly change between specs.


Buying your glasses online allows you to modify your lenses with different coatings. While you might be on a tight budget they are worth investing in. They will make your glasses last longer and they will also help protect your eyesight.

● Anti-scratch – this will help to prevent your glasses from becoming scratched. When traveling you are involved in lots of activities that can damage your glasses. For example, debris and dirt can damage your glasses and is common if you are on a bike.
● Anti-reflective – Glare from screens or streetlamps can be annoying when wearing glasses. Anti-glare will stop this and stop your eyes from straining.
● Water repellent – this will help to keep water and dirt from smudging your lenses and it will keep them cleaner. This may be especially helpful when hiking.
● UV coating – This deflects harmful UV rays without darkening your glasses. This invisible coating is a great way to give yourself extra protection in hot countries.

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