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StickerYou Review: Bringing Travel Photos to Life

Travel immerses you in unusual experiences that can change your perspective on life. Separated from the rhythm of daily routine, you are free to re-examine your life, bit-by-bit.

Some argue it distracts from the present moment, but it doesn’t hurt to snap a photo now and then. Months/years later, they act as a portal back to some of the best times of our lives. While most document their travels via online albums, you’ve taken things a step further. You’ve followed in your parent’s footsteps and started scrapbooking.

Unlike their online equivalent, these physical albums allow you to tell a story more creatively. And given the impermanence of digital media, they’ll ensure your travel memories will stay alive for years to come. 

If you’re new to scrapbooking, there’s more to the art than simply placing photographs on an adhesive page. Stickers can add context to the experience as well. Below, we introduce StickerYou, a company that gives you the ability to custom stickers to order.

Add some sticker sass to your travel scrapbook    

 When you’re scrapbooking or saving up for your next trip, it’s always good to have visual inspiration. StickerYou allows you to create customized stickers for any occasion. You can even create stickers of you laying on the beach as motivation for your next adventure. 

Are you creating a bucket list? Use StickerYou’s travel stickers to add some flare. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, StickerYou’s stickers are removable without residue, waterproof, and available in any size, shape, and order quantity.

Any design, size, or shape – let your imagination run wild

Not satisfied with the travel stickers you’ve found on other sites? No problem! StickerYou allows you to import designs of your own. Not only this, but they can be die-cut, conforming to your exact specifications.

Want a tiny 2”x2” sticker? StickerYou can accommodate that. How about a 6”x8” monster? They can do that as well. StickerYou sizes jobs down to a tenth of an inch, allowing the creation of stickers that can fit anywhere.       

Order as little or as much as you want

When dealing with online merchants, scrapbookers often run into problems with order sizes. Despite only requiring a small quantity of a specific sticker, they are forced to place a sizable minimum order. This annoyance costs money and creates needless waste.

You won’t have this problem with StickerYou. They accept orders as low as one sticker (no, this is not a joke). As a result, you can order a bunch of different stickers at once, without having to accept duplicates. However, if you foresee using a specific sticker multiple times, savings can be enjoyed by buying in bulk. 

More than just stickers

Despite their name, StickerYou does more than produce stickers for scrapbookers and laptop owners. If you make wine or beer at home, they create custom labels. Owners of brick and mortar businesses will love their window decals. If you manage a sports team, you’ll want to get their iron-on shirt decals.

If you are a creator, StickerYou is worth a look.   

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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