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Modular Helmets Vs Full Face Helmets

Shopping for a motorcycle helmet can be fun. Even on a limited budget, it’s easy to find a variety of styles, colors and features. But that variety might present a small problem: which one to buy. You may browse helmet categories and find that you’re not sure how, for instance, Harley modular helmets differ from full face models from the same brand. If this sounds like you, then take heart: You’re not alone. This useful guide can help understand these differences and choose the best helmet for your style and riding conditions.

A Quick Review of Helmet Design

To better understand modular vs. full face motorcycle helmets, a quick review of helmet design can be helpful. The exterior portion is called the shell, designed from durable materials to handle impact forces during a crash. It also determines the helmet’s overall shape. The next layer, the EPS liner, provides additional impact protection along with cushioning for your head.

After that comes the comfort liner, which does two important jobs: absorbing sweat and ensuring a comfortable fit. Cheek pads work in tandem with the liner for added comfort and preventing excess movement. Helmets also incorporate a ventilation system that takes in air and pushes hot air out. The visor protects your eyes, but it can also help with visibility with tinting and anti-fogging capabilities. Finally, the retention system features a chin strap and closures that keep the helmet securely on your head.

Full Face Helmets

As their name conveys, full face helmets cover your entire face and head. With a sleek design and look, they can add a touch of cool to anyone’s riding gear. Modern versions are crafted from durable lightweight materials like polycarbonate, fiberglass and Kelvar. Full face versions often feature very efficient ventilation systems with intake and exhaust ports to keep you from overheating. Another advantage is the built-in visor. Full face designs cover from forehead to chin, completely keeping out wind and debris.

Modular Helmets

At first glance, full face and modular helmets may look exactly alike. The key difference lies in the modular helmet’s adjustable face portion, which flips up and rests just above the visor. With this flip-up feature, these helmets offer comfort like half face versions but give the added protection of full face models. Their modular capability is especially useful when you’re parked or off your bike, allowing you to flip up the bottom to get a breath of fresh air, have a conversation or even grab a drink. Keep in mind, however, that it’s not a good idea to ride with the chin piece up.

Choose a Reputable Retailer

When selecting a new helmet, you want to make sure you pick the best one for your riding needs. Many offer a good balance of style and substance, making it easier than ever to find models that look good and provide optimal crash protection. Whether your preferences include cruiser half helmets, modular helmets or full face models, shop for yours at a reliable powersports dealer. You’ll find a high-quality model that delivers the protection you need.

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