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Hosting a bridal shower? Bring together the squad with these gorgeous invitations!

Weddings can be obnoxiously expensive. According to the latest figures, the average couple spends approximately $30,000 on their Big Day. Even if your best friend is aiming for a lower-key affair, costs can be financially taxing on everyone involved.

That’s why bridal showers are a thing. Started in the 19th century to help defray the cost of weddings, they’re a great way to launch newlyweds into married life.

Just like the wedding, you want your bridal shower to be a fun & memorable event. Start by making your bridal shower invitations as eye-catching as possible. We’ve surfed through many wedding websites ideas – however, we’ve found the ones on to be drop-dead gorgeous.

Let’s talk more about these time-saving beauties below. make invitation creation ridiculously easy

You’re not an expert graphic designer. That’s why BasicInvite employs them – to create slick, beautiful invitations, so you don’t have to. They have over a hundred designs to choose from, representing a variety of themes.

For instance, let’s say you want to put together bridal shower luncheon invitations. Once you’re in the bridal shower section, simply select “Brunch” from the list of themes. Just like that, you’ve got a wide selection of different templates at your disposal.  

That’s not all, though. Once you’ve selected an invitation template, you’ll also get to play around with its design. You can choose how to frame the invitation, its colours (180+ to pick from), the default text, and more.   

What you see is what you get

Some sites offer fantastic-looking invitations, only to disappoint with the final product. Not with BasicInvite – they allow you to order a cheap sample (starting at $3). 

This step allows you to see and feel the final product before ordering a huge lot. When you’re about to spend hundreds, it’s crucial to get the job done right – the first time!  

Save a ton of labor with free address collection and envelope printing

The thought of addressing and sealing envelopes is enough to make anyone cringe. You won’t have to suffer through that with BasicInvite – they collect addresses and print them on envelopes, free of charge.

Simply share a link on your social media. Once potential attendees supply their address, BasicInvite does the rest. Upon receiving your invitations, just stuff them, peel the sticker off the envelopes, and seal. No more writing or licking!

BasicInvite does more than just invitations

It’s fun to give brides-to-be earrings, makeup bags, and other fun gifts. However, do remember the original intent of a bridal shower – to make their wedding and married life more manageable. 

As we speak, your friend is mega-stressed trying to sort out the details of her wedding, reception, etc. Help with her invitation and stationary needs by pointing her towards This site not only tackles invitations, they do guest books, registry cards, reception menus, thank you cards, and much more.

These same super-simple design tools will help her put the finishing touches on the most important day of her life. 

Actually enjoy being a bridal shower host

If you aren’t married, hosting a bridal shower will give insight into how much work goes into weddings. From contacting friends to creating the invitations to renting the venue and choosing bridesmaids dresses (long sleeve bridesmaid dresses are definitely the way to go), it can actually impede your enjoyment of the event.

Thankfully, the internet has made things easier. As you’ve learned in this article, services like makes it possible for anyone to create stunning, attention-grabbing cards quickly.

Spend more time celebrating your friend’s journey towards marriage, and less time worrying about a bunch of cards – give BasicInvite a look today!

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