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Best Anti-Theft Travel Gears To Keep Your Valuables Safe

Who doesn’t love travelling? Flying overseas and experiencing a whole new culture is something that almost everyone craves. However, as much fun as travelling is, it also has its dangers. Tourists are a preferred target for thieves, seeing as they tend to carry cash and other valuable items with them at all times. Hence, having the proper travel gear like an anti-theft backpack or a money pouch is a must for all travellers, regardless of where you’re  headed. 

Money Pouch

If you’re walking around an airport or a crowded city in a foreign country, you need to be wary of pickpockets. Keeping your cash, credit cards and passports in your pants’ pockets is not a viable option at all, despite how deep they are. A much better solution is to strap a money pouch or belt around your waist.

This Ventura 4th Travel Money Belt is something we’d highly recommend to anyone travelling overseas or across states. Simply strap it around your bare waist and wear a shirt over it. Thanks to its slim, minimalist design, no one will be able to tell that you’ve got it tucked underneath your clothes!  Plus it blocks RFID so you don’t have to worry about anyone scanning your credit cards through it. 

Anti-Theft Backpack

Unlike your pants’ pockets, your backpack is a much easier target for thieves. That’s why an anti-theft backpack is an essential item for any traveller. 

What makes a backpack thief-proof? Most importantly, these backpacks typically contain advanced security features such as RFID blocking technology and hidden pockets which aren’t visible unless you know exactly where to find them. For a more detailed breakdown, check out this anti-theft backpack buying guide

The Korin Design ClickPack Pro is a backpack that is both stylish and packed with a ton of great features. For instance, its slash-resistant industrial-level fabric ensures that knife-wielding thieves can’t make their own ‘pockets’ into your backpack. Plus the double player proof zipper prevents anyone from quietly unzipping the pack without you noticing. 


Wire Lock

A wire lock can help secure your luggage to a stationary object like a pole so that opportunistic thieves can’t snatch them. While normal wire locks are safe enough, we recommend meshed ones that can wrap around your entire backpack, like this Pacsafe 55L stainless steel protector wrap.  It comes with a padlock so you don’t have to purchase one separately.  

Another advantage of the Pacsafe 55L is that it weighs just one pound. So it won’t push your luggage weight over airport limits. 

Travel Wallet

Your regular wallet won’t cut it if you’re going to be travelling a lot. That’s why we recommend carrying a travel wallet this one from NeatPack. It’s got enough space to store a large amount of cash (with a separate tight-fit pocket for coins) and separate slots for housing multiple passports and credit cards. You can even pack a phone in there if you ever have the need! The cash and coin pockets are zippered so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out accidentally.

Like all the best travel wallets, this one contains RFID blocking technology as well, protecting you from identity theft. 

Combination Lock

Most travellers get padlocks for their backpack zippers but these can be easily picked by a skilled thief. On the other hand, a combination lock like this Master Lock 653D is much safer because you’re essentially-password protecting your backpack. The Master Lock 653D sports a 4-digit combination instead of the typical 3-digit standard and it’s TSA approved so you should have no trouble getting through airport security with it.

Security Belt

If you’re not sold on the idea of a money belt, how about an actual belt that can store money? The Zero Grid Travel Security Belt looks like a regular old belt from the outside but it’s actually got a pocket on the inside, where you can store your cash and other valuable items. So unless a mugger has the audacity to strip search you, your items will be safe and sound. Even then, he’d never think to actually check your belt!

Homing Device

Pickpockets aren’t the only type of thieves that you have to worry about when you’re a tourist. Snatchers are all too common as well and they can grab your belongings whenever you least expect it. In such cases, having a homing device like a Tile Sport can help you locate your stolen items. 

Using the proprietary Tile app, you can connect your phone to a Tile. This way you can view exactly where your phone is up to a 200-meter radius. However, Tile has a large active international community so other people beyond this radius can track your phone and update its location for you. 

Vice versa, you can place a tile inside an item like a purse or backpack and track its location using the app on your phone.


What if you could carry around a safe with you instead of a bag? With the SAFEGO Portable Lockbox you get the best of both worlds! This lockbox sports both a safe-like dial and a combination lock dial, giving you multiple options with which to open it. 

It features an elegant minimalist design that pretty much resembles an expensive designer bag so it’s not unappealing either, despite the dials. Thanks to the included adjustable steel wire, you can carry it around quite easily and have it secured around any fixed object so that thieves won’t be able to quickly make off with it. 

SAFEGO Portable Lockbox offers a ton of other features as well, including the earphone and charger access port that allows you to listen to music or charge your phone without having to open it up. The lockbox is water-resistant too so you can bring it onboard a cruise ship. 

Don’t let thieves ruin your travelling experience. With the right anti-theft travel gear, you’ll make sure that all of your belongings are safe and secure.  

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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