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Want to discover Europe with your family but not sure which destination is best suited for a family vacation?

Europe is full of child-friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities. You can discover the most amazing cities like Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam for a perfect family bonding experience.

Here we have a comprehensive guide for families and kids to travel around the continent.

Rome: Rome is full of history, culture, art, and architecture. There is always something for everyone and families are no exception. You can have fantastic picnic treats at any of the parks, just like Villa Borghese where you can spend your entire day and enjoy boat riding. There is an interactive historical tour at Colosseum along with treasure hunt for your kids. Additionally, you can attend an opera night at some popular Operas like Traviata. You can explore kid’s museum, IL Museo Dei Bambini Di Roma, which have explorative and interactive kid-friendly activities. They have a variety of education events and a play few games all day long.

Barcelona: It has a rich history and enough places to explore like Sagrada Familia and the city’s famous boulevard, Las Ramblas. Gaudí’s artwork in Park Güell is sure to impress your kids as they will love the colorful sculptures and playful nature of the park. You can also visit L’Aquarium Barcelona and the Barcelona Zoo to explore and enjoy your afternoon. Visit CosmoCaixa which is a science museum with a mini rainforest in it. 

Paris: Paris is one of the main reasons to take the family to Italy. The Eiffel Tower draws million of travels every year with its unforgettable beauty. Many families make Italy their top choice as there is a lot to discover. They have world-class cuisine, Seine river cruises, museums, and a great atmosphere. Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Paris is the best science museum that could fill a whole day. Along with this, there is a huge museum, Musée de Louvre, which can give an enchanting cultural journey to you and your family and kids.

Florence: It is the most charming city in Italy which is full of history, beautiful architecture and art. It has famous art galleries around the world that have a famous piece of art by Da Vinci, Titian, and Raphael. You can walk up to Piazzale Michelangelo from where you can enjoy the most stunning view of the city. When visiting Florence, your plan will mostly have museums such as Palazzo Strozzi, Galileo Museum, Museo Degli Innocenti, Palazzo Vecchio, and more which have a lot of kid’s activities.

Dublin: It is the perfect starter-city for families. You can visit Dublin Zoo which is one of the best zoos in Europe. In Glendalough, there are trails and boardwalk around the lake which are ideal for families. Leprechaun museum is a visual and sensory place with optical mirrors, giant chairs and crazy tunnels which are loved and enjoyed by everyone. Take a Viking Splash Tour through Dublin center which will keep your kids entertained and excited. What’s more, its amazing pastures, such as Phoenix Park and St. Stephen’s Green gives a relaxing break from city life.

Amsterdam: Amsterdam is full of fun, exciting and amazing attractions for the entire family. It is known for its never-ending canals. You can have a boat tour to experience the wonders of it. You can also teach your kids about the famous Dutch painters by taking them to the Van Gogh Museum. And if your kids are quite interested in architecture, visit Java/KNSM Island. It has some buildings with interesting shapes. The city has bike friendly atmosphere and you can cycle around the town to explore the culture and scenery with your family.

Vienna: Vienna, the capital of Austria has a well-known history related to operas, classical music, and art. If your family appreciates music or plays instruments, they will love Vienna’s House of Music Museum. Along with it, there is Prater amusement park where you can let your kids experience its fun fair and Ferris wheels and a top-notch zoo, namely Schönbrunn Zoo featured with an amazing rainforest house and an aquarium that will attract your young ones. Take them to Bogi Park which is the largest indoor playground over there. 

Remember, a single museum may impress your kids but it depends upon their age, they are likely to get bored with historic sites. So, alternate your sightseeing with some playful activities for them to enjoy. Keep them entertained. 

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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